Gift Bags

On Thursday, January 27th, Margaret and Nancy came to pack the latest gift bags for volunteers to deliver to fifty people who live with dementia or are caring for people with dementia, all over Doncaster.

The bags consisted of a wide range of item – chocolates, calendar, bars of soap, tea bags, greetings cards, hand cream, chocolate biscuits, gift cards, hand wipes, shortbread biscuits, pens key rings, sponge fingers, mini jars of jam, tissues, crème eggs, latex gloves, plus variable odd items  such as a posy of flowers, tea light and holder, notebook and too many more to note.

These were then collected and delivered by Geoff, David, Paul, Sue, Dianne, Pat and Nancy, who each went to an area near to their home, but all were more than willing to go anywhere and everywhere to people who were not expecting anything so they will be much appreciated.

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