Dementia Research

Here’s a not so sweeping statement:-

‘A Caucasean male academic vegetarian who takes a one hour walk every day will not develop dementia’

Disect every bit or ‘research’ to date and that’s the ‘formula’ you’ll arrive at.

We’ll deal with Part 1 of 5 first – skin colour.

Prevention is better than cure and, after all millions are spent every week on trying to find a cure bit still – There is currently no “cure” for dementia. In fact, because dementia is caused by different diseases it is unlikely that there will be a single cure for dementia. Research is aimed at finding cures for dementia-causing diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, frontotemporal dementia and dementia with Lewy bodies.

If you do a search for ‘dementia cure’ you’ll find many an article, many a drug but these also contain the phrases ‘may prevent’, ‘may slow down’ etc..

So far (May 2023), our Trustee Brian Bentley, who only deals in facts and stats, has concluded the following:-

Fact 1. The darker the skin, the more likely to develop dementia. Therefore the more melanin in the skin, the greater the chance of dementia.

Fact 2. Melanin hampers natural vitamin D production.

Fact 3. The older you get, the less natural production of Vitamin D

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to link vitamin D with dementia prevention. In fact, do a Google search for ‘vitamin d dementia’ and there’s already 100s of eminent scientific bodies that firmly believe in lack of vitamin d = dementia.

What we want to do is find out how vitamin D (or maybe a derivative) can prevent, or even reverse, the formation of the two proteins amyloid (deposits of which form plaques around brain cells) and tau (deposits of which form tangles within brain cells) that are known to be present in dementia cases.

In order to do this research, Brian will, obviously, need funding especially as Parts 2-5 of the headline statement will need attention too.

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