Carers Information

Are you a carer and looking after a person living with dementia?

You may be entitled to a lot more support than you think. Below are a number of links to website pages that will help:-

  1. Dementia Carer – Carers of people living with dementia talk about what helps them, what to do when things get tough, and where to find support
  2. Dementia UK – Understanding dementia, including sources of support
  3. Dementia in Doncaster – Full list of services, support, guidance and help
  4. Doncaster Directory of Dementia Services 2019 – Download and print off this comprehensive guide

Any questions should be put to your social worker and don’t forget to ask about the possibility of a grant for white goods, the laundry services available and, for some respite (even if it’s for a day) please contact DonMentia.