About Donmentia

DonMentia was founded in 2013 as a registered charity by Eileen Harrington. The main objective of the Charity is to raise funds to support those affected by dementia living in Doncaster; adding life to years rather than years to life.


  •  To raise awareness of dementia and the impacts of the disease.
  • To raise funds that will be used to support and enhance the quality of life of those people affected by dementia.
  • To ensure Doncaster citizens and especially those affected by dementia are involved and have their voice heard in all aspects of the planning and commissioning of services which may impact on their experience and quality of life.
  • To collaborate, to lobby, influence and where possible deliver actions that make a meaningful difference to the lives of those affected by dementia living in Doncaster.
  • To influence commissioning decisions including priorities around the development and improvements of dementia services and provision.
  • To collaborate and work with partners to share learning.