Carers Information

A carer is somebody who provides support or who looks after a family member, partner or friend who needs help because of their age, physical or mental illness, or disability. This would not usually include someone paid or employed to carry out that role, or someone who is a volunteer. Paid carers are often referred to as “formal carers” with unpaid carers being “informal carers”. Many people don’t recognise that they are a carer, or they think that because others do more, their own role in caring doesn’t really count.

Carers play a critical role in reducing the need for formal care. They are often the lynchpin between the person being cared for, social care, the GP, and other care workers and professionals. They provide an important network of support from within the family, from friends, neighbours and the local community. Carers and the wider family should be seen as expert partners and actively involved in shaping how support is delivered when it is needed.

Supporting and helping carers to care well is a key objective of DonMentia and lots of the financial support provided by DonMentia is to help give carers a break or some “respite”.  Carers have told DonMentia having a break of some sort is essential to “recharge their batteries”. Another example of helping carers is the  provision of peer support and having the opportunity to talk to someone else sharing a similar experience. This can be done as individuals but more often does as groups. DonMentia is keen to support such groups recognising their importance at supporting carers. (see Grants section)

Useful websites:

For information regarding dementia in Doncaster visit:

Are you a carer and looking after a person living with dementia?

You may be entitled to a lot more support than you think. Below are a number of links to website pages that will help:-

  1. Dementia Carer – Carers of people living with dementia talk about what helps them, what to do when things get tough, and where to find support
  2. Dementia UK – Understanding dementia, including sources of support
  3. Dementia in Doncaster – Full list of services, support, guidance and help
  4. Doncaster Directory of Dementia Services 2019 – Download and print off this comprehensive guide

Any questions should be put to your social worker and don’t forget to ask about the possibility of a grant for white goods, the laundry services available and, for some respite (even if it’s for a day) please contact DonMentia.