DCDF Application

    DonMentia – Doncaster’s Dementia Charity
    Registered Charity No. 1152207

    Application for DonMentia Community Development Fund (DCDF)

    Important Note: Please answer all questions as failure to complete the form fully and accurately may result in your application being rejected or delayed.

    Your Contact Details

    What are you planning to do? Where will this be delivered?
    How would the DCDF financial support be used?

    When answering please consider the criteria for applications

    Explain how you will ensure attendees have a diagnosis of dementia or that the carer is caring for someone with a diagnosis of dementia?

    How do you plan to sustain and continue the group when the support from DonMentia concludes?

    Please provide a breakdown of what the DCDF will fund and Include quotations where relevant

    If the project /group costs are more than the grant then please state how the difference will be funded.

    Declaration and Terms of Grant:
    All information given must be correct, throughout the application.
    If your application is successful, you will be invited to attend our Celebration Event, share experiences and complete a quarterly performance/feedback report.
    Applications can only be considered for groups who have a Bank or Building Society account where at least two signatures are required to draw funds. Please tick the box to confirm this: